Paesano –
94 Miller St, Glasgow, G1 1DT

Like this place needs any introduction… I was just thinking it’s kind of a scandal I haven’t posted about Paesano on this blog. I only noticed when I was writing up about Pizza Pilgrims that I hadn’t dedicated any content to my favourite pizza place ever.  This post will hardly be an inspiration.  I don’t think there’s anyone that won’t have been, or know someone who has been to Paesano already. After just one and a half years since opening its doors, it has quickly become a staple of the Glasgow food scene. I’ve probably visited the restaurant 10+ times. They’ve got convenient locations (plural! Their West End branch is now officially open), amazing prices, and incredibly authentic and fresh stone baked pizzas under their belt.

Paesano fits the bill for a quick bite*, a satisfying Italian experience, lunch with friends, pre-gig dinner, the works. They have a modest menu of 8 pizzas with varied daily specials, 7 starters/sides, and a handful of desserts. They have a curated drinks menu which should cater to everyone. The small but perfectly formed menu means they do what they do very, very well. Quick note for vegetarians/vegans. Paesano offer a few veggie options and do a cheeseless pizza you can add toppings to.

*Paesano does not take reservations. I find tables for 2 (even 3-4) people are relatively easy to come by, even during busier periods. But just be aware, if you’re looking to seat a bigger group you might need to wait. If it looks crazy-busy, just pop your head in any way. They will often put you in an imaginary queue and you can nip to the bar/elsewhere for a drink and head back. Or they will magically find you a table – they’re great at that.

Ingredients are fresh, the dough is easily digestible (the menu said it, not me), and the taste is delicious. I would rarely bother going for pizza anywhere else in the city with Paesano on my doorstep. And there’s no need to take my word as gospel either. I don’t think you could find a negative review of this place. Apart from the people who obviously hate real pizza.

Thanks for reading.

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