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Picnic Cafe, Glasgow

Picnic Cafe – www.picnic-cafe.co.uk
103 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DX

I stopped by Picnic Cafe with a¬†fellow vegan friend for lunch, the day after our office Christmas party. I’m not vegan myself, but as a massive fan of generally all the foods, I’m always open to checking out new spots. As far as I’m aware, Picnic is a one of a kind in the city centre. They are a 100% vegan cafe, whereas I believe all other vegan spots in town are also vegetarian/otherwise. So vegans – here is a safe haven. It’s sitting on Ingram Street, just along from Spitfire Espresso (which you may as well pop into if you’re in the neighbourhood…). #caffeineplug

EDIT: A reader has pointed out a few other vegan spots in the city centre that I didn’t realise were totally vegan – my bad. ¬†Check out Mono, Stereo, and The Flying Duck. I refer to Picnic being unique in terms of being the first vegan (what I would consider) cafe, rather than a bar/restaurant. It’s great for grabbing food on the go.

This post will be short and sweet, as I only had a latte and a wrap. I suppose I wanted to give Picnic an honourable mention rather than a proper review. They offered almond, soya or oat milk for my coffee, which I thought was a pleasant surprise. It is always nice to have some options. I opted for the spicy bean wrap (I was in need of the carbs), which is served with a small side salad of rocket and sunblush tomato. I wanted to drive home the sunblush tomato situation because I just thought this was such a nice touch, and the small salad was delicious.

I’m keen to try their cream cheese bagel, and I’m always intrigued about vegan baked goods (read: THE CAKES). And there we have it. A simple, convenient, central location for all your vegan needs. Hot, cold, sweet, savoury – you’re covered. I look forward to seeing how Picnic’s menu develops over time. Thumbs up from me so far. Thanks for reading!

picnic cafe wrap
picnic cafe glasgow
picnic cafe wrap
picnic cafe glasgow


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  1. Mark

    You are wrong about it being the only purely vegan place in Glasgow. Glasgow is the vegan capital of Britain and it’s completely vegan venues include, Mono, Stereo, The flying duck, The 78, Kind Crusts, Soy Division, The Hug and Pint, and of course Picnic. There may be more completely vegan venues but these are the ones I have been to. A quick google search and you would have found this out for yourself.

    • Sarah Martin

      Hi Mark. I was mainly speaking about the city centre, and Picnic being unique in terms of being more of a cafe, but you’re totally right. I didn’t realise Mono/Stereo were 100% vegan so I’ve updated the post with your recommendations. Cheers!

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