Tantrum Doughnuts – www.tantrumdoughnuts.com
35 Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G3 8RD

So a few weeks ago when it was like a real life summer in Glasgow, Rick and I went for a walk (as we always do) to catch some rays.  And now said rays have (inevitably) disappeared I thought I’d reminisce about the time we stopped into Tantrum Doughnuts at random and treated ourselves to our first Tantrum experience.

If you haven’t heard of Tantrum/worked it out, they sell doughnuts.  Just beautifully crafted doughnuts, which are cooked fresh on the premises.  I’d spotted them on Instagram, so when we were wandering in that direction there was no time like the present.  There were a few seats available which was a God send (it’s a pretty compact space) – we really wanted a wee break from the sun.  After spending forever trying to choose just one doughnut, I went for the PB&J offering, and Rick went for the Calamansi Meringue (which was a sweet take on a traditional lemon meringue option).

I’m not sure how much I can say about a doughnut but was up there with one of the best. Lovely fluffy dough, perfect amount of berry jam inside, and topped with a peanut ganache and some salted peanut pieces (I think I was too busy eating mine to take an interest in what was inside the Calamansi one but Rick assures me it was great).  We also spotted some slushies on the menu couldn’t resist cooling down with one of the coconut lime option.  So much love for this!  And a rather weird yet genius combination I must say.

Anyway, if you’re in the West End and after something sweet, swing by Tantrum.  It’s off the beaten track a little, just behind Argyle Street on Old Dumbarton Road.  Here’s some pictures to prove how lovely it is. Thanks for reading!

tantrum doughnuts

tantrum doughnuts coconut lime slushie

tantrum doughnuts

tantrum doughnuts

tantrum doughnuts entrance