25 Parnie St, G1 5RJ

So a brunch date to the Trans Europe Cafe happened.  I’d been wanting to visit for a while, ’cause I feel like the Cafe holds some kind of reputation for being an ideal casual/delicious brunch spot in the city centre.  

I’m not totally sure when or where I heard of it but I knew I wanted to go.  They do lunch/dinner too but I’m a sucker for a breakfast menu.

tea and sugar
teapot tea cup latte

I went for the Eggs Benedict and Rick went for the Full Breakfast. Both were pretty good, decent sized portions for a desirable price.  Tea/coffee were fine, nothing to write home about.  Only negative I could point out is the service felt a bit rushed, but they were super busy and as a bi-product of this it was really loud in the restaurant.  It’s a pretty small space and could easily feel crowded.  This wasn’t enough to prevent me going back though, and I’d highly recommend both dishes we had.  Let me know if you’ve visited Trans Europe Cafe and what you tried.

P.S. As I was too busy devouring my breakfast, I forgot to get a photo of the seats. Old bus seats ahoy!

eggs Benedict latte
full breakfast
trans europe cafe exterior glasgow