Bankeråt –
Ahlefeldsgade 27-29, 1359 København K

While in Copenhagen in December last year, we were on the hunt for somewhere to eat/escape the rain for a couple of hours. Totally in the mood for brunch (when am I not…), we came across Bankeråt in our research (and by research, I mean a quick Google search of “brunch in Copenhagen”). We also wanted to be well fed before starting to explore on our first full day in the city, which is something I always recommend when travelling or venturing off when you’re somewhere new. Give yourself loads of energy to make the most of your trip.

bankerat candle

I would consider myself quite the ‘foodie’ (read: I like eating, a lot), but at the same time can be kind of apprehensive when trying something I’ve never heard of. Luckily the menu wasn’t too obscure so I went for a classic European option of cured meats and cheeses, which was served with fruit, muesli, eggs, spicy sausage and bacon. I also got a latte which was amaaaazing. Rick went for an English breakfast and some Earl Grey.

bankerat view

bankerat latte
bankerat brunch
bankerat brunch

Something worth mentioning other than the food is the interior decor. I didn’t mind it but the overall interior might not be up everyone’s street. Things get a bit weird on the way to the bathroom, so just a heads-up if you’re planning on taking the kids along for lunch. Parental advisory recommended – just saying.

animal bankerat interior
bankerat brunch
bankerat interior

bear bankerat
bankerat exterior

The price point for the meal was pretty good in terms of Copenhagen costs, not overly expensive at all, and I’d say we were both happily full. We didn’t spend very long in the area but it seemed very residential and a lovely part of the city to wander around. And if you do visit, I’d recommend you head along to the next block to the waterside for a stroll!

If you pay Bankeråt a visit, please let me know what you thought.