Doghouse –
99 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow, G1 1SN

The weekend before last saw the opening of Brewdog’s latest addition to their lineup – Doghouse. Homed in what has been an empty, unused space for as long as I can remember, the new bar is a welcome addition to Hutcheson Street.

doghouse condiments
doghouse merchant city menu
doghouse merchant city

Brewdog describes their new bar as a “food-focused venue that celebrates beer at every turn.” I was surprised to find the food part of the setup to be a self-service kind of situation – you just head up the servery, get what you’re after and pay at the end before returning to your seat, with tray appropriately loaded with the only thing on the menu – meat. Of course you’ve got your sides, but DogHouse is currently specialising in barbecued and smoked meats.

I went for the lunchtime special – £8 for your chosen meat and a side. My friend went for the 1/4 Pork and 1/4 Brisket with Pit Beans – I chose the 1/2 chicken with Market Greens. I wasn’t overly excited by the chicken but having sampled some of my friends lunch, we both decided the pork was the star of the show. Beautifully cooked and packed with flavour. I’d maybe skip the market greens next time too, the potato salad is calling my name.

doghouse chicken and market greens
doghouse brisket pork and pit beans

The venue itself is decorated in a signature Brewdog style; the exposed concrete, rough wooden details and tolix stools reminding you where you are.  The atmosphere in the bar was very cosey and comfortable – the ideal place to relax with some friends and sample the fantastic selection of (Brewdog and guest) beers.

brewdog pumpkin king

doghouse merchant city

doghouse merchant city

Let me know if you’ve visited the Doghouse yet – I’d love to know what you thought.