9 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS

On a recent jaunt to London, I revisited an old favourite restaurant in Soho – Flat Iron.  Having visited the Beak Street branch a few times before, I was really excited to see they’d opened their second restaurant which is tucked away on Denmark Street, and felt obliged to go check it out.

flat iron london

First thing to remember before you visit Flat Iron – no reservations!  It seems to be an on-going trend for amazing restaurants to offer a first-come, first-served situation and this is no exception.  One really cool thing to note about the Denmark Street restaurant (although I’m sure they do it at the Beak Street one now too) is their waiting system.  We showed up around 8pm on a Wednesday evening and it was jam-packed with about an hours wait.  The cool thing is, they put our name into their system, then they ask for your mobile number and just give you text when your table is almost ready.  This meant we could go grab a drink somewhere nearby with our table being technically reserved for our return.  

After siping on some amazing cocktails at Thirst (on Greek Street), the text arrived and we scooted back to the restaurant.  We were seated immediately and interiors were gorgeous. I ordered the namesake – the Flat Iron cut of steak, and Rick had the special, which was a grass-fed Wagyu cut.  We also ordered a side of fries and the daily greens – both of which are amazing.  And of course a pot of Flat Iron’s own bernaise sauce – the best bernaise I have ever tasted if anyone’s wondering.

Sorry for the blurriest photo ever taken of  a steak – I was clearly too excited to eat it.

flat iron london menu

flat iron steak fries greens

flat iron london denmark street

The food and the service at Flat Iron is always amazing and I can’t recommend either restaurant enough.  I’ve also just discovered they are opening a new restaurant – their largest yet – in Covent Garden.  Exciting times ahead!  Let me know if you’ve been to Flat Iron before and what you thought?