Southside Roaster –

Last weekend took me to the Southside, and I couldn’t miss checking out Southside Roasters’ new coffee shop. Southside Roasters are a small batch coffee roaster based in Glasgow. They opened their doors to their first coffee shop a couple of months ago. I’ve been really keen to check out their cafe since seeing the work in progress snaps of building the shop on their Instagram.

southside roasters interior

southside roasters latte brownie

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon so I felt like I’d hit gold getting a seat in their wee shop. They’ve got a handful of tables inside and a bench outside, which would be smashing in the summer sun. We opted for a window seat and ordered some coffee and cake. I didn’t realise until we were leaving they have a modest but perfectly formed menu; the triple cheese toastie and waffles have my name all over them for next time.

The coffee is brewed to perfection, as expected. I didn’t catch what kinda beans they were serving that day but they were wonderful. The latte was so smooth and was served in a beautiful Acme mug for an aesthetic bonus. Southside Roasters have been experimenting with a bunch of different brownie combinations; we grabbed a salted caramel brownie and the brookie hybrid. I can happily report both were fantastic. My props to the baker!

You Southsiders are very lucky to have an awesome new coffee shop added to your roster. Check out Southside Roasters – you won’t miss the huge COFFEE sign and you won’t regret it. Grab a brownie. And thanks for reading!

southside roasters latte brownie cactus

southside roasters latte brownie
southside roasters exterior