Pizza Pilgrims –
11 Kingly St, London, W1B 5PW

This post is a bit of a cheat, because these photos are over a year old. I don’t normally like posting old content, but Pizza Pilgrims was made fresh in my memory recently.  My wonderful niece recommended I visit there, and it was a sweet little moment when I was like “OMG I’ve already been!”. The reason this is a surprising coincidence is that I live in Glasgow, and Pizza Pilgrims is in London. Now it’s hard to think about pizza without drawing comparisons to Paesano, but I’ll try not to. And I’m sure they will get a well-deserved post very, very soon. Moving on…

We visited the Kingly Court branch of Pizza Pilgrims (I believe they have seven restaurants now) on a whim. I was probably tired and hungry from spending all my money in Liberty/on Carnaby Street, so stopped for some lunch in Kingly Court. There are a few gems in Kingly Court, just in case you ever fancy a central spot with a decent selection of restaurants.Service was quick and friendly, the restaurant small and casual.

Service was quick and friendly, the restaurant small and casual. I can’t quite remember what day we visited but we were seated straight away. Onto the food – I went for the white pizza ‘Portobello and Truffle’ and R went for the ‘Calzone Ripieno’. I have absolutely zero complaints – the food was fast, fresh and delicious and the serving size is perfect. Just what you need for a shopping and exploring break. This place takes no reservations so I can’t guarantee you would get seated at peak times. They do have a lot of central locations though, and I’d recommend checking Pizza Pilgrims out if you’re in the mood for a quick, fresh pizza pick-me-up.

Plus Kingly Court is cute. Thanks for reading!

pizza pilgrims pizza

pizza pilgrims pizza

pizza pilgrims pizza
pizza pilgrims interior
pizza pilgrims exterior
pizza pilgrims kingly court